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An Exercise on Pronouns

Wise Men of Gotham
from The Child's World --Third Reader, by Hetty S. Browne, Sarah Withers, and W. K. Tate
Answer Key

1. you  second  plural [#1]  nominative
2. they  third  plural  nominative
3. We  first  plural  nominative
4. I  first  singular  nominative
5.  us  first  plural  objective
6.  Who  - [#2]  singular  [#2]  nominative
7. himself  third  singular  objective
8. me  first  singular  objective
9. him  third  singular  objective
10.  they  third  plural  nominative
11. you  second  plural  nominative
12. we  first  plural  nominative
13. us  first  plural  objective
14. yourselves  second  plural  objective
15. they  third  plural  nominative
16. himself  third  singular  objective
17. me  first  singular  objective
18. you  second  singular  nominative
19. he  third  singular  nominative
20. you  second  singular  objective

1. This could be singular if we assume that the story is  being told to just one person.
2. Out of context, "who" can be first, second, or third person, either singular or plural. 
For example, "We who have read this...." (first person plural). You who have heard ...." (second person plural). "She who has seen...." (third person singular) We know that it is singular in this case because the verb is  singular -- "Who knows?" Compare this to "The people who know don't tell."