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(Code and Color Key)
Jack and His Golden Box
Compound Main Clauses
Analysis Key

Note that the compounds in sentences four, five and six are joined by "and" without a preceding comma.

1. This (DO) Jack did, | and it pleased the gentleman (DO) well. |

2. I am King (PN) {of all the little mice} {in the world}, | and I will call them (DO) all up {in the morning}. |

3. Jack refused him (DO) {for a bit}, | but {at last} he told him (IO) to jump [#1] up. |

4. *You* Let me (DO) down | and I will get the box (DO) {for you}. |

5. The eagle flew low | and the frog dived [#2] {into the sea}. |

6. By and by [#3] he saw a light (DO) | and he walked {toward it}. |

7. He was down {for a day and a night}, | but {on the second morning} he came up {with the little box}. |

1. "Him" is simultaneously the indirect object of "told" and the subject of the infinitive "to jump." The infinitive functions as the direct object of "told."
2. Prescriptive grammarians would want this to be "dove."
3. I do not remember a grammar book that describes "by" as an adverb, but the phrase "By and by" definitely functions as one.