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Jack and His Golden Box

Sentence Combining 
with Prepositional Phrases
Exercise # 2

Directions: Combine the sentences in each number below into one sentence by using prepositional phrases.

Example: Then the eagle set out. Jack was on his back.
     Then the eagle set out with Jack on his back.

1. At last he found the castle. It was the castle of the king of the frogs.

2. It was the second morning.  The frog came up with the little box.

3. The gentleman and all his guests had left. They went for the hunt.

4. They dropped the golden box. It went to the bottom of the sea.

5. There on guard at the gate was one of the frogs. He had a gun on his shoulder.

6. Jack had the mouse. He put it into his pocket.

7. Then they ran off. They had the castle. They went at full speed.