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Jack and His Golden Box
Subordinate Clauses: Adverbial Clauses Exercise # 2
Analysis Key

1. [Adv. (time) to "hopped" When he opened it (DO),] out hopped three little red men. |

2. Surely [#1] I was never so {near my death} [Adv. (comparison) to "so" as I am now]. |

3. He was all {out of breath} [Adv. (time) to "was" as he came running [#2] out {with it}]. |

4. [Adv. (time) to "was hanging" After the gentleman and all his guests had left {for the

hunt},] a servant was hanging up Jack's clothes (DO). |

5. Sure enough, [Adv. (time) to "was finished" when the third and last morning came,] the

third great feat was finished (P). |

1. Although most grammars would consider "surely" an adverb, note that it does, like many adverbs, also function as an interjection -- it does not mean that he was near death, it means that he thinks he was -- in other words, it is the speaker's emotional comment about the truth value of the sentence. The same applies to "Sure enough" in sentence number five.
2. At this KISS Level, I would accept either "came" or "came running" as the finite verb. An argument can be made that "came running" is a palimpsest pattern, and thus "running" is part of the finite verb. Alternatively, "running" can be considered a gerundive to "he."