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(Code and Color Key)
Jack and His Golden Box
Mixed Subordinate Clauses
Analysis Key

1. Jack, the silly fellow [#1], said [DO that he could do anything (DO)]. |

2. He walked {till noon time}, [Adj. to "time" when he sat down and ate his cake (DO)]. |

3. He traveled three times [NuA] as far this time [NuA] [Adv. to "traveled" before he found the castle (DO) {of the oldest brother}]. |

4. You shall know {in the morning} {from my birds} [DO whether they know anything (DO) or not] [#2]. |

5. *You* Leave your horse (DO) here {with me} [Adv. (time) to "Leave" till you come back], and take one (DO) {of my best horses}. |

6. He put his hand (DO) {in one} {of Jack's pockets} and pulled out the little golden

box (DO) [Adj. to "box" which Jack had left behind {by mistake}]. |

1. "Fellow" is an appositive to "Jack."
2. Technically, this is two subordinate clauses -- [whether they know anything] or [*whether they do* not *know anything.*]