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Jack and His Golden Box
(English Fairy Tale)
from Child-Story Readers: Wonder Stories 3, by Frank N. Freeman, Grace E. Storm, Eleanor M. Johnson, & W.C. French. Illustrated by Vera Stone Norman. New York: Lyons and Carnahan, 1927-29-36. pp. 43-64

The Text  Writing / Discussion Assignment Synonym Exercise
Additional Notes for Teachers

Working with Adjectives 

Working with Prepositional Phrases  Nouns Used as Adverbs, Interjections and Direct Address 
Subjects, Finite Verbs, and Complements

Basic Mixed S/V/C Patterns

Exercise AK G4 L1.3  S/V/Mix
Some Simple Sentence Combining  Sentence Combining - Compounding Verbs  Finite Verb or Verbal? 

Compound Main Clauses 

Subordinate Clauses 
Textual Analysis
The Opening 66 Words of the Story (22 W/MC)
     three subordinate clauses; no verbals
AK G5 L3.1.2 
The Closing 64 Words of the Story (10.7 W/MC)
     one subordinate clause; one gerund, three infinitives
AK  G4; IG4 L2.1.6