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Adapted from 
Child-Story Readers: Wonder Stories
New York:  Lyons and Carnahan, 1927. p. 113-4

La Baronne 
De Krundener 
Et Son Fils


A synonym is a word that means the same, 
or almost the same, as another word.

1. Number the lines of a piece of paper from 1 to 20.
2. In each line find the synonym of the first word in that line. Write this word on your paper by the right number.
1.  silly foolish wise rich
2.  shivered shook gentle thoughtful
3.  torches lightning lights thunder
4.  room chamber hall table
5.  deer troop wand stag
6.  slippers wise shoes sword
7.  linger wait kind purred
8.  city country town truck
9.  village street farm town
10.  pony goat horse cow
11.  entrance roof edges door
12.  neat empty tidy space
13.  humans fairies beasts people
14.  daylight morn sunset noon
15.  blank well-known empty noted
16.  modern new angry fair
17.  close up dry near
18.  seldom often rarely never
19.  show exhibit complete believe
20.  fierce weak sloppy ferocious