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Identifying Tenses
From "Cinderella," in My Book of Favorite Fairy Tales
Analysis Key

1. This lady is dancing {with me}. | [Present] 

2. What (DO) will you have? | [Future] 

3. It was now a sorry time (PN) {for the poor little girl}. | [Past]

4. Girl [DirA], you have no clothes (DO) and cannot dance. | [Present] 

5. {Besides that}, the sisters plagued her (DO) {in all sorts} {of ways} and 

laughed {at her}. | [Past] 

6. We are going to dance {at the king's feast}. | [Future in meaning, but present in form] 

7. What (DO) does the good-for-nothing thing want {in the parlour}? | [Present] 

8. Cinderella had there taken off [#1] her beautiful clothes (DO), and laid 

them (DO) {beneath the tree}. | [Past] 

9. And the snow spread a beautiful white covering (DO) {over the grave}. | [Past] 

10. You will not want to go [#2] {on foot}. | [Future] 

1. Alternatively, "off" can be considered an adverb. For more on this, see KISS Level 2.1.5 - Phrasal Verbs (Preposition? Or Part of the Verb?).
2. Technically, "to go" is an infinitive (a verbal) that functions as the direct object of "want." Until they get to verbals, however, I would accept "will want to go" as the finite verb phrase.