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The Functions 
of Prepositional Phrases

From My Book of Favorite Fairy Tales

by Edric  Vredenburg; Illustrated by Jennie Harbour
Directions: 1. Place parentheses around each prepositional phrase. Draw an arrow from the beginning of each phrase to the word it modifies. Above adverbial phrases, write "AV." Above adjectival phrases, write "J."
2. Underline subjects once, finite verbs twice, and label complements ("PN," "PA," "IO," "DO").

1. By day again must you run through the forest as a Fawn.

2. For this reason I changed myself into the little rabbit, and ran to you

in my distress.

3. "We will lead our children away, quite early in the morning, into the

thickest part of the wood."

4. Then he picked up a sack of jewels, and slipped out of sight behind a 

piece of rock.

5. Beyond himself with fury, Chéri commanded his foster-brother to 

send soldiers to bring Suliman to him in chains, like a criminal. 

6. The Fairies endowed the little Princess with beauty, and virtue, and health.

7. Then he fetched a sack of pearls that lay among the rushes, and 

hobbled off and disappeared behind a large stone.

8. So in a carriage like a large dark box, shut up with her Lady in Waiting

and her two Maids of Honour, Giroflée and Longue Epine, Princess 

Desirée departed for Prince Guerrier's Court.

9. The Queen's attendants were in a serious state of anxiety at the 

prolonged absence of Her Majesty.

10. The beard was fixed in a gash in the tree trunk, and the tiny fellow 

was hopping to and fro, like a dog at the end of a string.