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(Code and Color Key)

Apostrophes to Show Possession
From My Book of Favorite Fairy Tales
by Edric  Vredenburg; Illustrated by Jennie Harbour
Analysis Key

Point out to students how possessives almost always function as adjectives [as opposed to contractions, which normally connect a subject and verb].

1. The children's attention was soon attracted (P) {to a big bird}. |

the attention of the children
2. Snow-White and Rose-Red kept their mother's cottage (DO) so clean [#1] 

[Adv. (result) to "so" that it gave pleasure (DO) only to look [#2] in. |

the cottage of their mother
3. So they brought the broom (DO) and brushed the bear's coat (DO) quite

clean [#1]. |

the coat of the bear
4. {From time} {to time} several kings' sons came, and tried to break [#3] {through

the thicket} {into the palace}. |

the sons of several kings
5. He had a lion's head (DO), a bull's horns (DO), the feet (DO) {of a wolf}

and the tail (DO) {of a viper}. |

the head of a lion; the horns of a bull [Some thoughtful student is going to ask why the writer used an apostrophe in the first two, and an "of" phrase in the second two. It's a good question, for which I have no answer.]
6. Chéri fought the fierce beast (DO), and saved the man's life (DO). |
the life of the man
7. He placed his bread (DO) {in the girl's hand}, | and she ate it (DO) hungrily. |
in the hand of the girl
8. They found themselves (DO) {in Suliman's presence}. |
in the presence of Suliman
9. The wooden horse would take him (DO) {to his journey's end} sufficiently quickly. |
to the end of his journey
10. He was too well brought up (P) to go [#4] {against his father's wishes}. |
against the wishes of his father

1. At KISS Level Four, students will learn that "clean" can be explained as a predicate adjective after an ellipsed infinitive, the subject of which is "cottage" --  "kept the cottage *to be* so clean." The entire infinitive phrase is the direct object of "kept." (See "Ellipsed Infinitives" in KISS Level 4.)
2. The verbal (infinitive) "to look" functions as a delayed subject -- "only to look in gave pleasure." See KISS Level 5.6 Delayed Subjects and Sentences.
3. "To break" is a verbal (infinitive) that functions as the direct object of "tried." Until students get to KISS Level Four (Verbals), I would accept "tried to break" as the finite verb here.
4. The verbal (infinitive) "to go" functions as an adverb of result to "too well."