The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Delayed Subjects
From  My Book of Favorite Fairy Tales
by Edric  Vredenburg; Illustrated by Jennie Harbour
1. Put parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase.
2. Underline subjects once, finite verbs twice, and label complements ("PN," "PA," "IO," "DO"). 
3. Place brackets around each subordinate clause and identify its function.
4. Put a vertical line at the end of every main clause.

1. It was impossible to find a flaw in this lovely little creature.

["The White Cat"]

2. It is probable that he might have proceeded in the same complimentary 


["Snow-White and Rose-Red"]

3. It's taken years to cultivate this sort of rose.

["Beauty and the Beast"]

4.  It would be a fine thing to be the mistress of such a magnificent 

mansion, and the wife of such a rich husband.


5. Now it happened that on the very day she was fifteen years old the king 

and queen were not at home, and she was left alone in the palace.

["Sleeping Beauty"]