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A Sentence-Combining Exercise
(Parallel Subordinate Clauses)
From "Princess Goldenhair,"
in My Book of Favorite Fairy Tales
by Edric  Vredenburg; Illustrated by Jennie Harbour

Directions: The sentences in the following text are very short. Rewrite the text by combining some of the sentences. In the original, the text ends with a series of parallel main clauses, each modified by a subordinate clause that begins with "if." See if you can do that.

     Inside the grotto there is a deep pit. You must descend into it. It is full

of toads. There are lots of scorpions in it. And serpents help fill it. At the

bottom of this pit there is a little cave. In the cave flows the fountain of 

beauty and health. Positively I must possess the water. People wash in it. 

If they are beautiful, they continue so always. The ugly become beautiful. 

It helps the young to remain young. Old people regain their youth.