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(Code and Color Key)

Subjects / Finite Verbs / Complements -- Ex # 6
[from "Thumbelina," in Andrew Lang's The Yellow Fairy Book]
Analysis Key through KISS Level Three (Clauses) +

1. Thumbelina pleased him (DO), | and she, too, was delighted (P). |

2. His store-room and cellar are full (PA), | and you should be thankful (PA) {for that}. |

3. She might escape us (DO) even now; | she is as light (PA) {as a feather}. |

4. *You* Put it (DO) {in a flower-pot}, | and then you will see something happen [#1]. |

5. The whole winter [NuA] he remained down there, | and Thumbelina looked 

after him (DO) [#2] and nursed him (DO) tenderly. |

1. "Happen" is an infinitive; "something" is its subject. The infinitive phrase functions as the direct object of "will see." Unless they have been working on distinguishing finite verbs from verbals, simply expect students to miss this.
2. "Looked after" means "cared for" or "attended," but I would not expect fourth graders to see this possible one-word substitution. Thus I would also accept "looked" as the finite verb and "after him" as a prepositional phrase.