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(Code and Color Key)

from Clytie, the Heliotrope
Adapted from Ovid
Analysis Key

     And her limbs became rooted (P) [#2] {to the ground}. | Green leaves

enfolded her body (DO). | Her beautiful face was concealed (P) {by tiny flowers}

violet-colored [#3] and sweet [#3] {with perfume}. | Thus was she changed (P)

{into a flower} | and her roots held her (DO) fast {to the ground}; | but ever she

turned her blossom-covered face (DO) {toward the sun}, following [#4] {with eager 

gaze} his daily flight. | {In vain} were her sorrow and tears, [Adv. to "were" 

for [#1] Apollo regarded her (DO) not.] |

1. See the discussion of "for" as a conjunction.
For KISS Levels Four and Five
2. At KISS Level Four, some people will see "rooted" as a gerundive functioning as a predicate adjective.
3. "Violet-colored" and "sweet" are post-positioned adjectives.
4. "Following" is a gerundive to "she" (and/or "face"); "flight" is the direct object of "following."