Nov. 8, 2006
KISS Grammar Workbooks Level Two Instructional Material

Illustration by Blanche Fisher Wright 
Other Helping Verbs

     Some helping verbs show the beginning, continuation, or ending of an action. For example:
begin He will begin to swim in the morning.
They began playing the game (C).
start Bobby is starting to draw a picture (C).
Sandi started reading a story (C).
continue The rabbit continued to run away.
Blackie Crow will continue to fly high in the sky.
keep (on) Bobtail kept on eating nuts (C).
Bobby will keep climbing into the trees.
stop Mrs. Duck stopped swimming in the pond.
They will stop playing soon.

     Other helping verbs show an attitude toward an action. For example:
like Sammy Squirrel likes eating nuts (C).
Would you like to go to the park?
love The ducks love to swim.
Bobtail does not love flying.
hate Children hate to go to bed early.
Bobtail hates flying.
want Blackie Crow will want to fly to the party.
try Bobby will try to fly too.