August 2009
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as Subjects or Complements
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     Verbs can function as subjects or complements. Technically, these verbs are called "verbals" to distinguish them from the verbs that you underline twice (which are called "finite"). You will learn more about verbals in later KISS levels, but for now consider the following:

     Verbs can function as subjects or complements:

Swimming is good exercise (PN).

To win is wonderful (PN).

Many children hate to go (DO) to bed early.

The family stopped swimming (DO) in the pond.

Happiness is being (PN) with your family.

     Verbs that function as subjects or complements may themselves have complements:
Sandi started reading (DO) a story (DO).

Playing baseball (DO) is fun (PA).

They began to play (DO) the game (DO).