KISS Grammar Workbooks 2004 North Carolina Trainer Manual
A Surprise Breakfast

Directions: Fix the spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical errors in the following.

     A time I tried something new is when me and my sister tried to cook a suprise

breakfast for my mom and dad, it was a suprise but not a very pleasant suprise.

     It was morning when we started. I was putting the bacon in the microwave

when my sister asked Alice and I how high she should put the eggs on "low or

High" she asked. "High" we answered. So she put it on high. Soon we started

smelling smoke. It was the eggs! The burner was red the eggs were black. Alice

started trying to turn off the stove, but she couldn't reach it. Then I tried to turn it

off but every time I tried it felt like I was going to get burnt. Sarah tried too but

she felt the same way I did. We went up to my dad's room and told him. He just

told us to turn it off. We told him that we might get burnt. He said "No you won't"

We went back downstairs when the fire alarm went off. We ran back upstairs and

asked dad if he would please come downstairs and turn off the stove. So he came

downstairs and turned off the stove. When dad tried to to take the pan off the

stove, we relized that the pan was melted to the stove.

     So never try to cook a suprise breakfast unless you know how.