KISS Grammar Workbooks 2004 North Carolina Trainer Manual


Directions: Fix the spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical errors in the following.

One hot summer day my mom told me that we were going swimming I got a little scard

because I didn't know how to swimm but my mom took me to swimming leason so one day

I can go swimm together, my choich name was Miss. Stacy every Monday I go to her

jim, and also my mom comes with me to see how good I am about swimming, One day my

mom and Miss. Stacy had a little talk about how I was in her class, and if I was a little

scard about swimming, "and I was because I thought I was going to go all the way down in

the pool," but I realy wasn't, "my said that every one get scard sometimes," "like the

dark, and every kind of animal in the world". So we went home after that , while my mom

was in the car driving she said to me that I was getting good in swimming leason, and

because of that "you and me are going to the real one okay", the neaxt morning I knew

we were going swimming so that day had come, and in the after noon my mom and I was

going to the swimming pool, in the after noon my mom and I went ther but it was closed,

and my told me we will go back there before dark time comes, a little bit later my mom

and I went back there and it was opened so we went in the girls reast room and got in our

bathing suite and afther that we went in the pool I looked at the water and jumped in and

started to swimm I saw some little kids in ther with there mom and so I went over and said

hey to all of them and went back to my mom I told my mom do you want to race with me so

she said yes I will swimm with you so we started and I won, soon or later I hard a little kid

crying because of something so I went over to try and keep them save and I got her out of

the pool and came over to me and said what a good job you just did that is wondeful and

asked my mom can we go home she told me yes before the person mom came and told me

thank you for saveing my kid and she gave me 20 dollors and gave it to my mom to hold it

for me and home before that we went to the Jim and my mom told Miss. Stacy what I had