KISS Grammar Workbooks 2004 North Carolina Trainer Manual



Directions: Fix the spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical errors in the following.

     "Slam!" The door was closed and locked so no robbers could brake in to my house

while I was at Gymnastics. It was a worm, sunny Wednsday in June. The kind of day when

you just want to go swimming, but I'm going to gymnastics so swimming is out of my reach

right now. At gymnastics we were starting wips today. When ever I see the older girls

doing it they look really hard. and extra scary! I was shaking all over when we arrived at


     Mr. Edgars is eager to get me started on wips. Anyone could tell because he sped

through the stretches. Usaly he goes slow as a tortise, but not today. As soon as we were

done he cent everyone to trompoline. Everyone with the exception of me. He cept me at

the tumbleing floor. He scamperd off to the end of the rod floor and told me to have

curage and go. I was temped to cry but I took his advise and tried doing the wip. It was

time to start running. I ran as fast as I could. It seemed as if I was going faster than a

rocket. I started into my backhand springs. They were extrordanary. After my last back

hand spring I was just about to go into a wip when I stopped in mid air. "Boom!" I fell to

the ground. I was mad as fire!

     I was back in the same exact spot as last time. My heart was thumping, "thump.

thump." I ran even faster than before. While doing all four back handsprings I thought

about all the things I needed to do to get a wip ... toes pointed, stay tight, and have

confodense. Finally It was time to do my wip. I went straigt as a tooth pick. I wipped

myself around and around. I stuck landing for give seconds. I glanced over at my class

mates. I thought of them like an audieance. They must have liked my wip because they

looked amazed. My wip was relly good. As soon as I showed my mom, she was amazed

she didn't think I could do it!

     It was time to leave and I was satisfied whith my wip. I can't wait until next Wednsday

when I can do more wips. I felt good inside because I acomplished something new at