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Recognizing Basic Verb Tenses
(Ex # 1)

Directions: On the line after each sentence, write the tense of the verbs in it (past, present, or future).

1. One day Billy was racing along in front of the children. _______________

2. I am very sorry, sir. _______________

3. At home, the children will teach Billy Jones many tricks. _______________

4. Billy Jones carries his lunch basket to a chair. _______________

5. They will teach the dog never to cross the street without them. _______________

6. In doing so he runs bang into a big St. Bernard dog. _______________

7. People along the way were laughing and shouting to the dog. _______________

8. One day the cook left the door open only a wee bit. _______________

9. Billy will be surprised by all the funny games. _______________

10. The little dog throws back his funny little round face and whines and barks

and howls all in time to the music. _______________