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Recognizing Basic Verb Tenses
(Ex # 3)
Directions: On the line after each sentence, write the tense of the verbs in it (past, present, or future).

1. I shall be ten years old next Saturday. _______________

2. What did I promise you, David? _______________

3. Mother is helping David to get ready to go to the city with Father. _______________

4. The tide was flowing down the river to the sea. _______________

5. This Saturday morning David and his father will have a very interesting trip 

on the ferry. _______________

6. A big ocean steamer was making its way slowly down the river. _______________

7. Two short blasts of the whistle will be a signal to the small boat. _______________

8. The ferry is slowly making its way across the river and coming to the shore. _______________

9. Two men had been standing on either side of the ferry. _______________

10. The men will have opened the gates, and the people and cars will have 

gotten off the ferry. _______________