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Recognizing Basic Verb Tenses
(Ex # 4)
Directions: On the line after each sentence, write the tense of the verbs in it (past, present, or future).

1. Long, long ago in the little town of Atri, there ruled a good king. _______________

2. A judge will go to the tower to hear the complaint. _______________

3. Messengers are going through all the land with news for the people. _______________

4. His call for justice shall be heard. _______________

5. The soldier hung his head in shame and led the horse away. _______________

6. This horse will serve you for many years and often save your life. _______________

7. The judge is putting on his rich robes and hurrying to the market place. _______________

8. Many times the bell had been rung and justice had been done. _______________

9. A great bell will be hung in a tower in the market place. _______________

10. It is the horse of the rich soldier who lives in the castle. _______________