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Recognizing Basic Verb Tenses
(Ex # 6)
Directions: On the line after each sentence, write the tense of the verbs in it (past, present, or future).

1. The captain opens the box of jewels, and he shows Dick some of his riches. _______________

2. An army of rats and mice ran into the room, and they ate from every dish. _______________

3. It was a long walk for the little boy, but at last he came to London. _______________

4. The cat will see them, and in a few minutes she will have killed many of the

rats and mice. _______________

5. The ship with the cat on board had a long and stormy voyage, and it was at 

last driven to a strange land. _______________

6. His bed is in an attic and at night many mice and rats come through the holes

in the walls. _______________

7. Dick hides his cat in the attic, and every day he carries a part of his dinner to her. _______________

8. The captain will sell your cat to the king of a foreign land, and he will bring

you in return many riches. _______________

9. They are coming down to the shore in great crowds to see the sailors, and they

are buying fine things on the ship. _______________

10. The kind man will ask the cook to give Dick a good dinner, and then he will

find some work for him to do. _______________