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(Code and Color Key)

"Why the Cat always Falls upon her Feet"
from The Book of Nature Myths by Florence Holbrook
Exercise # 2
Analysis Key through KISS Level Three (Clauses) +

1.) Soft, green moss grew all [#1] {about him}. |

2.) The wind rustled the leafy boughs (DO) {above him} [#2]. |

3.) It lifted high its shining crest (DO) and saw the man (DO) {at the foot} {of the tree}|

4.) One {of these good magicians} was one day [NuA] traveling {in a great forest}. |

5.) Oh [Inj], how angry (PA) the serpent was! |

6.) The sun rose high {in the heavens}, | and he lay down {at the foot} {of a tree}. |

1. This "all" can be explained in two different ways. Some people may see it as an adverb that modifies the prepositional phrase. From this perspective the "all" is a modifier added to "Moss grew about (around) him."  [That prepositional phrases can be modified by adverbs is rarely explained in most grammar textbooks.] Other people will see "all" as a pronoun meaning "everywhere," in which case the "all" functions as a noun (pronoun) that functions as an adverb, and the "about him" modifies the "all."
2. "Above him" can also be explained as an adverb to "rustled."
3. The function of "at the foot" depends upon the context. If it identifies the "man," it functions as an adjective to "man." Otherwise, it functions as an adverb to "saw."