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(Code and Color Key)

"The Story of the First Woodpecker"
from The Book of Nature Myths by Florence Holbrook
Exercise #1
Analysis Key through KISS Level Three (Clauses) +

1.) {In the days} {of long ago} the Great Spirit came down {from the sky}

and talked {with men}. |

2.) The woman made a very little cake (DO) and put it (DO) {on the fire}. |

3.) {With a loud cry} she rose {from the earth} and flew away {to the forest}. |

4.) So she put it (DO) away and made a small one (DO). |

5.) And {to this day} all woodpeckers live {in the forest} and hunt {for their 

food} {in the bark} {of trees}. |

6.) You shall go out {into the forest} and hunt {for your food} {in the bark} 

{of trees}. |