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(Code and Color Key)

"The Story of the First Woodpecker"
from The Book of Nature Myths by Florence Holbrook
Exercise # 2
Analysis Key

1.) You shall no longer be a woman (PN) and live {in a wigwam}. |

2.) He rose up {from [#1] [where he sat] } and threw back his cloak (DO). |

3.) [Adv. to "stood" and "looked" When the cake was baked], the woman

stood and looked {at it}. |

4.) He went {into the wigwam} and sat down {by the fire}, | but he looked [#2]

{like an old man}, | and the woman did not know [DO who [#3] he was]. |

5.) *You* Go {to the forest} and look there {for your food}. |

1. Before they study clauses, some students will mark "from where" as a prepositional phrase. On a test, I would ignore that. In class, I would explain that a clause functions as the object of the preposition.
2. Alternately, "looked liked" can be considered the finite verb (since it means "resembled" and "man" can be explained as a predicate noun, or, if one prefers, as a direct object.
3. "Who" functions as both the predicate noun to "he was" and as a subordinate conjunction, but I would not expect students to get that until they had had some practice at analyzing clauses.