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(Code and Color Key)

"The Story of the First Woodpecker"
from The Book of Nature Myths by Florence Holbrook
Exercise # 3 Analysis Key

     [Adv. to "was" When that cake was baked (P),] it was larger (PA) 

than [#1] the first one. | "It is so large (PA) [Adv. (of result) to "so" that I

will keep it (DO) {for a feast),]" [Inj [#2] she thought]. | So she said {to

her guest}, [DO "I will not give you (IO) this cake (DO)], but [DO (of 

"said") [Adv. to "will make" if you will wait], I will make you (IO) another

one (DO).]" | "I will wait," [Inj [#2] said the Great Spirit again]. |

1. "Than the first one" can be explained either as a prepositional phrase, or as an ellipsed subordinate clause --"than the first one *was large*." See Sliding Constructions.
2. See the discussion of subordinate clauses as direct objects or interjections.