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Notes for
Focusing on Compound Verbs
"The Story of the First Woodpecker "
from The Book of Nature Myths by Florence Holbrook
[For the complete text, click here.] 
Exercise # 1 AK G3 L1.4
Exercise # 2 AK - L1.4
Exercise # 3 AK - -
Ex # 3 as  Punctuation G3 L1.7

     These are simply short exercises to remind students to keep their eyes open for compound verbs. 

Writing Assignments

1. Write your own version of this story. Keep as close to the original as you can, use as much detail as you can remember, and use some compound verbs.
2.  Write your own story to explain the first of something. For example, you could write about the first dandelion, the first tadpole, the first zebra, the first bathroom towel, or the first baseball.