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(Code and Color Key)

Finding the Whole Verb Phrase # 1
Based on The Nightingale
From Stories from Hans Andersen with illustrations by Edmund Dulac
Analysis Key

1. The nightingale was always put (P) {above everything else}. |

2. It has never been presented (P) {at court}. |

3. The palace had been brightened (P) up {for the occasion}. |

4. They were all dressed (P) {in their best}. |

5. The emperor was charmed (P). |

6. A ribbon was tied (P) {round its neck}. |

7. A new emperor was already chosen (P). |

8. The real nightingale was banished (P) {from the kingdom}. |

9. Everybody's eyes were turned (P) {towards the little grey bird}. |

10. Cloth had been laid (P) down {in all the rooms and corridors}. |