The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Compound Main Clauses

 Ex # 2 Based on the Second Story in “The Snow Queen
From Stories from Hans Andersen
with illustrations by Edmund Dulac

1. Place parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase. 
2. Underline verbs twice, their subjects once, and label complements (PA, PN, IO, or DO).
3. Place a vertical line after each main clause.
4.  Label each interjection (“Inj”), each noun used as an adverb (“NuA”), and each example of direct address (“DirA”).

1. The sun shone, green buds began to appear, the swallows built their nests, 

and people began to open their windows.

2. He did it very well and people laughed at him.

3. The sledge drove twice round the square, and Kay quickly tied his sledge on


4. He shouted aloud, but nobody heard him, and the sledge tore on through the 


5. The Snow Queen kissed Kay again, and then he forgot all about little Gerda, 

Grandmother, and all the others at home.