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"How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin," by Rudyard Kipling

     Presently the Parsee came by and found the skin, and he smiled 

one smile that ran all round his face two times. Then he danced three 

times round the skin and rubbed his hands. Then he went to his camp

and filled his hat with cake-crumbs, for the Parsee never ate anything

but cake, and never swept out his camp. He took that skin, and he 

shook that skin, and he scrubbed that skin, and he rubbed that skin

just as full of old, dry, stale, tickly cake-crumbs and some burned 

currants as ever it could possibly hold. Then he climbed to the top 

of his palm-tree and waited for the Rhinoceros to come out of the 

water and put it on.