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(Code and Color Key)

"How the First Letter Was Written," by Rudyard Kipling
Analysis Key

      Just then a Stranger-man came {along the river}, | but he

belonged {to a far tribe}, the Tewaras [#1], | and he did not

understand one word (DO) {of Tegumaiís language}. | He stood

{on the bank} and smiled {at Taffy}, [Adv. to "smiled" because he

had a little girl-daughter (DO) {of his own} {at home}.] | Tegumai

drew a hank (DO) {of deer-sinews} {from his mendy-bag} and

began to mend [#2] his spear (DO). |

Note for KISS Level Five
1. "Tewaras" is an appositive to "tribe."
2. The verbal (infinitive) "to mend" functions as the direct object of "began."