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(Code and Color Key)

"The Butterfly That Stamped," by Rudyard Kipling
Analysis Key

     Suleiman-bin-Daoudwas wise.| He understood [DO of "understood" what

the beasts said,] [DO of "understood" what the birds said,] [DO of "understood"

what the fishes said,] and [DO of "understood" what the insects said.] | He

understood [DO of "understood" what the rocks said deep {under the earth} [Adv. to 

"said" when they bowed in {towards each other} and groaned;]] | and he

understood [DO of "understood" what the trees said [Adv. to "said" when they

rustled {in the middle} {of the morning}.]] | He understood everything (DO)

{from the bishop} {on the bench} {to the hyssop} {on the wall}, | and Balkis, his Head 

Queen [#1], the Most Beautiful Queen Balkis [#1], was nearly as wise (PA) [Adv. to 

the preceding "as" as he was. ] |

1. Appositives to "Balkis."