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Directions Instructional Material

Interjections, Nouns Used as Adverbs, & Direct Address
(Ex # 1): from Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

1. Oh Robin, do not be so unkind.


2. Ah, you may well tremble my man.

3. One day she met him with a pale face.

4. But, good cousin Robin, what is the matter with you?

5. She cried all day long as if her heart would break.

6. The current was very strong and had carried him down the river a 

good way.

7. O master dear, what has happened?

8. "Men," he called out, "would you be willing to serve King Richard 

of England?"

9. "Now," said Robin, "the lady has chosen. We can have the 

wedding. Sir Bishop, do thy duty."

10. "Ah, ha!" said he, "I'll give you, sir, as good as I get," and crack

he went at Robin's crown.  Bang, smash, crack, bang, they went at 

each other.

Writing Exercise

     Use an interjection, direct address, and a noun used as an adverb in a sentence. You can write three different sentences, or you can put them all into one or two sentences.