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(Code and Color Key)

Compound Main Clauses (Ex # 2): from
Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children, by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
Analysis Key

1. The ladies screamed, | and {at once} the whole church was {in commotion}. |

2. Robin only laughed, | and they rode on right [#1] {into the forest}. |

3. This man leads a wicked life (DO), | and it has left its mark (DO) {on his face}. |

4. He was brave (PA) and fearless (PA) too, | and there [#2] was no better archer

(PN) {in all the countryside}. |

5. Then he would have drawn his bow (DO) and arrows (DO) to shoot [#3] {at 

them}, | but they were too quick (PA) {for him}. |

1. "Right" here means "directly," and it modifies the following prepositional phrase.
2. Alternatively, see "Expletives."
3. The infinitive "to shoot" functions as an adverb (of purpose) to "would have drawn."