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(Code and Color Key)

Compound Main Clauses (Ex # 5): from
Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children, by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
Analysis Key

1. Her face was pale (PA), | but there was a smile (PN) {on her lips} | and her

eyes were full (PA) {of happy tears}. |

2. The sun shone, | the birds sang, | and happy talk and laughter rang merrily {through the wood}. |

3. I do wish [DO Master Robin would come], | or the roast venison will be

too much cooked (P) | and the rabbits will be stewed (P) {to rags}. |

4. *You* Write your letter (DO), | *you* address it (DO) {to the Sheriff}, | and

I will stick it (DO) {on to the end} {of an arrow}, and shoot it (DO) {into the town}. |

5. The great, solemn trees waved gently overhead {in the summer breeze}, | the setting sun

sent shafts (DO) {of golden light} {into the cool, blue shadows}, | birds sang their 

evening songs (DO), | deer rustled softly {through the underwood}, | and bright-eyed

squirrels leaped noiselessly {from branch} {to branch}. |