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Prepositional Phrases (Ex # 2): from
Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

1. Then Robin mounted his pony and off he went to Nottingham to sell

his meat at the market.


2. He hoped either to kill Robin or to take him prisoner, and bring him

to Nottingham to have him hanged there.

3. I must go back to the forest to warn Robin as quickly as possible.

4. Then he sent messengers to the towns and villages round to tell all

the archers about it. 

5. David often used to disguise himself and go to Nottingham to see 

his sister. 

6. I advise you then to write a letter to the Sheriff. 

7. She went back to her own home with her father, to prepare for the

wedding, which was to be in a few days.

8. If you wanted to send a letter to anyone, you had to pay a special 

messenger to carry it for you.

9. Write a sentence in which you use "to" as a preposition.

10. Write a sentence with "to" not used as a preposition.