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Directions Instructional Material: Varied Patterns

Varied Positions in S/V/C Patterns (Ex # 1): from
Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

1. "Long may they live, and happy may they be."

2. The very middle of the target was painted white. Then came a red

ring, then a black one, and last a yellow one.

3. So old and ugly he was. Older and uglier even than Robin had 


4. Such laughing and talking there was; they had so many adventures

to relate, such jokes to tell.

5. "Oh, how sweet it would be if this dear lady would be my bride."

6. "Bless your life, sir, what a head you have," said the old woman


7. They had some buckets of water ready. These they poured over 

poor Little John till he was as wet as Robin had been after he fell 

into the river.

Writing Exercise
Write a sentence in which the complement appears before the subject.