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(Code and Color Key)

The S/V/PA Pattern (Ex # 1): from
Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
Analysis Key through KISS Level Three (Clauses) +

1. He was ever ready (PA) to help the weak [#1] {against the strong}. |
2. Prince John was quite different (PA) {from King Richard} {in every way}. |

3. But her father was very angry (PA). |

4. "Oh [Inj], he is too poor (PA)." |

5. Sometimes they were very wicked (PA) indeed. |

6. But how different (PA) he looked! |

7. The noise was tremendous (PA). |

8. The banks and ditches were gay (PA) {with bright yellow moneywort and tansy}. |

9. {At first} the dinner was very dull (PA). | All the butchers were sulky (PA) and

cross (PA), | only Robin was merry (PA). |

1. Preceded by "the," "weak" functions as a noun, the indirect object of the infinitive "to help." The infinitive functions as an adverb to "ready."