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(Code and Color Key)

The Zero Complement Pattern (Ex # 2): from
Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
Analysis Key through KISS Level Three (Clauses) +

1. This butcher was riding gaily along [#1] {to the market} {at Nottingham}. |
2. Slowly they paced {through the Green Wood} together. |

3. Presently they arrived {at a big, open space} {with tall trees} {round it}. |

4. He is riding {at the head} {of them} {along with Robin Hood}. |

5. {With a dozen} {of his lords} he rode {to Nottingham}. |

6. No one passes {through the forest} {without leave} {from me}. |

7. So this happy day came {to an end}. |

8. So one fine day [NuA] the Sheriff {of Nottingham} set out [#2] {for London} to 

visit the King [#3]. |

9. {Through the open window} came the sound {of the sweet voices} {of the nuns}

singing a Christmas carol [#4]. |

1. "Along" can be explained as an ellipsed adverbial prepositional phrase -- "along *the road*."
2. Since "set out" means "started," the "out" can be considered part of the verb. Alternately, it can be explained as an adverb.
3. "King" is the direct object of the infinitive "to visit." The infinitive phrase functions as an adverb of purpose to "set out."
4. "Carol" is the direct object of the gerundive "singing." The gerundive phrase functions as an adjective to "nuns."