The KISS Grammar Workbooks Code and Color Key

Studies in Style

Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children, by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

The Opening Sentences of Chapter One:
How Robin Hood Came to Live in the Green Wood
Analysis Key

      Verymany years [NuA] agothereruled {over England} aking (PN), [Adj.

to "king" whowas called (P)Richard Coeur de Lion (RPN)]. | "Coeur de

Lion" isFrench (PA) andmeans lion-hearted (PN). | It seemsstrange

(PA)[Del. Subj. that an Englishkingshould have a French name (DO)]. |

But more [NuA]{than a hundred years} [Adj. to "years" before thisking

reigned,]a Frenchduke named William [#1] came {to England}, defeated

theEnglish (DO) {in a great battle}, anddeclaredhimself  king [#2]{of all

that southern part} {of Britain} called England [#1]. |

1. "William" is a retained predicate noun after the passive gerundive "named." The gerundive phrase modifies "duke." The same construction appears later in the sentence where "called England" is a gerundive phrase that modifies "part."
2. "King" is a predicate noun after the ellipsed infinitive "to be"; "himself " is the subject of the infinitive, and the infinitive phrase is the direct object of "declared."