The KISS Grammar Workbooks Code and Color Key

Studies in Style

Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children, by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

The Opening Sentences of Chapter Three: The Wedding of Allan-a-Dale
Analysis Key

   One day [NuA] [Adj. to "day" when Robinwas walking{through the wood},]

hemeta gay young knight (DO). | The knightwas dressed(P){in scarlet

satin}, and worea hat (DO) decked [#1] {with feathers}. | Heheldhis head

(DO) erect [#2 and walked{with a light and joyous step}. | [Adv. to "sang" As

hewalked]he sanga merry song (DO). |

     Robinwondered[DO  (of "wondered" who (PN of "could be") the knightcould

be,] | but hedidnot stophim (DO) [Adv. to "not" as hehadother business

(DO) that morning [NuA].] |

1. "Decked" is a gerundive that modifies "hat."
2. "Erect" is a predicate adjective after the ellipsed infinitive "to be"; "head" is the subject of the infinitive, and the infinitive phrase functions as the direct object of "held." (Alternatively, see "objective complements.")