The KISS Grammar Workbooks Code and Color Key

Studies in Style

Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children, by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

The Opening Sentences of Chapter Five: Robin Hood and the Bishop
Analysis Key

      The Bishop {of Hereford}wasvery angry (PA) {with Robin Hood} {for

the trick} [Adj. to "trick" hehad played him (DO) {at Allan-a-Dale's wedding}.] |

He wasso angry (PA) [Adv. to "so" that hewould have been pleased (P)

[Adv. to "would have been pleased" if any onehad caughtor killedRobin 

(DO).]] | But no one did. | The wicked people werenearly all afraid (PA)

{of Robin and his brave men}. | The people [Adj. to "people" whowerekind

(PA) and good (PA)] lovedhim (DO). |

    One day [NuA] the Bishophad to takea great deal (DO) {of money} {to a monastery}. |