The KISS Grammar Workbooks Code and Color Key

Studies in Style

Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children, by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

The Opening Sentences of Chapter Six: Robin Hood and Maid Marian 
Analysis Key

      Long [#1] [Adv. to "used to go" before Robincame to live [#2] {in Sherwood 

Forest}] he usedoften to go there to hunt [#3]. | There weremany wild 

animals (PN) {in the woods} [Adj. to "animals" which [#4] people were

allowed (P) to shoot [#5].] | Only the deer belonged{to the king}, | and 

no one was allowed (P) to hunt or kill them [#6]. |

     One day [NuA] [ [#7] while Robinwas hunting{in the forest}] hemeta most 

beautiful lady (DO). | Shewas dressed (P) {in green velvet}, the colour [#8] {of the

grass} {in spring}. |

1. "Long" is an adverb to the "before" clause.
2. The infinitive "to live" functions as an adverb to "came." At KISS Level Two, students should probably have the option of considering it to be part of the finite verb phrase -- "came to live."
3. The infinitive "to hunt" functions as an adverb (of purpose)  to "used to go."
4. "Which" functions as both a subordinating conjunction and as the direct object of "to shoot."
5. The infinitive "to shoot" functions as a retained direct object after the passive "were allowed." The active voice version would be "The king allowed people to shoot the animals."
6. "Them" is the direct object of the infinitives "to hunt" and "to kill." The two infinitives function as a retained direct objects after the passive "were allowed." (See Note 5.)
7. This "while" clause can be explained as an adjective to "day" and/or as an adverb to "met."
8. The noun "colour" is an appositive to to the adjective "green."