The KISS Grammar Workbooks Code and Color Key

Studies in Style

Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children, by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

The Opening Sentences of Chapter Seven: Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow
Analysis Key

      Over and over again the Sheriff {of Nottingham}tried to catchRobin Hood

(DO). | Over and over again hefailed. | Each time [NuA] [Adj. to "time" hefailed]

hegrewmore angry (PA), [Adv. to "grew"  till wicked angerfilledall his heart

(DO)], and [Adv. to "grew" hecould think {of nothing else}]. |

     {At last} hesaid {to himself}, [DO "Iwill go {to the King}, and askhim (IO)

to give me a great many soldiers [#1], [Adv. to "to give" so that Ican fight, [#2]

Robin (DO) and his men (DO), and killthem (DO) all."]] |

1. "Soldiers" is the direct object, and "me" is the indirect object," of the infinitive "to give." Note that "him" is both an indirect object and the subject of the infinitive. The infinitive phrase is the direct object of "ask."
2. Note the effect of the comma here. Normally a comma does not separate a complement from its verb, but here it seems very effective in reflecting the timing of the Sheriff's thought process.