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Notes for
Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

     As I try to improve the KISS instructional materials, I have been working toward linear books that would, to a large degree, serve as the basic grammar text for an entire year. This is another move in that direction, in this case, it is an entire book, aimed primarily at KISS Level Two, that revolves around Marshall's Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children. The result is a large number of exercises that are divided into parts. Here, each part has it own page:

[Lit Index]

Part I: Review of KISS Level 1 +
Part II: KISS Level 2 (S/V/C Patterns)
Part III: Looking Ahead:
An Introduction to Clauses (KISS Level 3)

The primary focus of this section is Part II, but some fifth grade students will be working with clauses, and the text provides some nice examples of simple clause constructions. Thus Part III is for those students and teachers. 
     All the exercises in this section are based on Marshall's text. But because the primary objective of this book is to solidify students' command of some fundamental constructions, some sentences have been simplified. The entire text is available at the Baldwin Project:

Part II: KISS Level Two (S/V/C Patterns)

Punctuation Exercises 

Suggestion: The punctuation (? capitalization) exercises in this book are based on the opening sentences of each chapter of Marshall's text. Have the students do (and discuss) this exercise first. Then have them analyze the text for the following "Study in Style." Note that the "Original Text" is the same document that they will use for the study in style, For more on most KISS punctuation exercises, click here.
The Opening of Chapter One Original Text - L1.7 Punct
The Opening of Chapter Two Original Text - L6.1 Punct
The Opening of Chapter Three Original Text - L6.1 Punct
The Opening of Chapter Four Original Text - L6.1 Punct
The Opening of Chapter Five Original Text - L6.1 Punct
The Opening of Chapter Six Original Text - L6.1 Punct
The Opening of Chapter Seven Original Text - L6.1 Punct
The Opening of Chapter Eight Original Text - L6.1 Punct
The Opening of Chapter Nine Original Text G5 L3.1 PA L6.1 Punct

Statistical Studies in Style Data Sheet Notes
Chapter 1 AK - L6.5 Stats
Chapter 2 AK G5Stats "
Chapter 3 AK - "
Chapter 4 AK - "
Chapter 5 AK - "
Chapter 6 AK - "
Chapter 7 AK - "
Chapter 8 AK - "
Chapter 9 AK - "
The Basics

Simple S/V/C Patterns [Instructional Material]

Exercise # 1 AK G5  L1.1
Exercise # 2 AK G5 L1.3. S/V


Exercise # 1 AK G5 L1.3. S/V/PA
Exercise # 2 AK - L1.3. S/V/PA


Exercise # 1 AK G5 L1.3. S/V/PN
Exercise # 2 AK - L1.3. S/V/PN

Writing Assignment: Describing a Character

     Have the students write a paragraph (or more) that describes one of the characters in Marshall's Stories. See the KISS Writing Assignments.
Exercise # 1 AK G5 L1.3. S/V/(IO)DO
Exercise # 2 AK - L1.3. S/V/(IO)DO

Mixed Exercises

Exercise # 1 AK - L1.3. S/V/Mix
Exercise # 2 AK "
Distinguishing Finite Verbs frrom Verbals
[Notes for Teachers and Parents]
[Introduction (For Students)]

     Verbals that function as nouns give students who have been working within the KISS Approach little, if any, trouble because the students have already been marking these words as subjects, direct objects, objects of prepositions, etc. Thus this workbook includes only one brief exercise on them. Distinguishing infinitives and gerundives from finite verbs is more difficult, so there are several short (usually five-sentence) exercises here. 

Using the Noun Test to Identify Verbals [Lesson]

Ex # 1 AK G5 L2.1.6 FV/Verbal

Using the "To" Test to Identify Verbals [Lesson]

As Adjectives or Adverbs
Ex # 1 AK - L2.1.6 FV/Verbal
Ex # 2 AK G5 "
As Direct Objects
Ex # 3 AK - "
Ex # 4 AK - "
Ex # 5 AK - "
Ex # 6 AK "
As Direct Objects (without "to")
Ex # 7 AK - "
As Predicate Nouns
Ex # 8 AK - "
Ex # 9 AK - "

Using the Sentence Test to Identify Verbals [Lesson]

Ex # 1 AK IG4 L2.1.6 FV/Verbal
Ex # 2 AK G6 "
Ex # 3 AK G5 "

Mixed Exercises [A Summary Sheet of the Tests]

Ex # 1 AK G5 L2.1.6 FV/Verbal
Ex # 2 AK G5; IG4 "
Complications, Variations, and Style
Understood "You" as Subject 
Ex # 1 AK G5 Start L2.1.1

Varied Positions in S/V/C Patterns

Ex # 1 AK G5 Start L2.1.2 Varied Pos

Palimpsest Patterns

Ex # 1 AK G5 Start L2.1.4

Writing Assignment: Summarizing the plot

     Have the students read (or reread) one of the stories. Then have them write the same story in their own words without looking at the original text.
Analyzing my own Writing
     Have the students analyze their summaries (above), just as they would any other analysis exercise. If you wish, you can extend this to a statistical "Study in Style" exercise.
Expletives (Optional Concept)
Ex # 1 AK G5 Start L2.1.3
Compound Complements
Ex # 1 AK G5 L1.4 Comp
Ex # 2 AK - L1.4 Comp
A Sentence-Combining Exercise - - L1.4 Comp

Compound Finite Verbs

Ex # 1 AK - L1.4 Compound
Ex # 2 AK G5 L1.4 Compound
Ex # 3 AK - L1.4 Compound
Ex # 4 AK - L1.4 Compound
Sentence-Combining Ex # 1 G5 L1.4 Compound
Sentence-Combining Ex # 2 - L1.4 Compound
A Decombining Exercise[Notes] G5 L1.4 Compound
Optional Concepts

Passive Voice

Ex # 1 AK G5; IG 5 L5.7
Ex # 2 AK IG 5 "
Rewriting Passive Voice to Active and Active to Passive
Ex # 3 AK IG 5 L5.7 Passive

Passive Voice or Predicate Adjective?

Ex # 5 AK G5; IG 5 L5.7 Passive
A Study in Ellipsis
Ex # 1 AK G5 L3.2.1 Ellipsis

This border is based on an illustration by Howard Pyle and Walter Crane
for Howard Pyle's The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood.