The Printable KISS Workbooks KISS Workbooks Anthology
The "To" Problem
Ex # 1 Based on
Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell

1. My mother whinnied to me to come to her.

2. Are you going to live next door to me in the box?

3. After this I was sent to Tattersall's to be sold.

4. Then we were sold to a fashionable gentleman, and were sent up to London.

5. He held the oats to me, and I began to eat without fear.

6. We shall all have to be judged according to our works.

7. He got out of the carriage and came to speak to us.

8. It was wisest always to do my best to please my master.

9. He came to me next and tried to drag me out of the stall by force.

10. When they brought me to James, he was very angry to see such big sticks.