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Separated Objects of Prepositions
Based on Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell
Analysis Key

1. Still, he had his own ways (DO) {of making me understand [#1] {by the 

tone} {of his voice} or {*by* the touch} {of the rein} }. |

2. {At the distance} {of a mile or two} {from the village} we came {to a pretty, 

low house}, {with a lawn and shrubbery} {at the front} and {*with* a drive} {up

to the door}. |

3. One mile {of such traveling}, {with a weight to draw [#2] } and {*with* no firm

footing}, would take more (DO) {out of us} {than four} [#3] {on a good road}. |

4. They are always talking {about "keeping the horse [#4] well {in hand}" } 

and {*about* "holding a horse [#4] up,"} just [Adv. to "are talking" as if a 

horse was not made (P) to hold himself [#5] up]. |

5. {By this time} we were well used (PA) {to the roar} {of heavy guns}, {*to*

the rattle} {of musket fire}, and {*to* the flying} {of shot} {near us}; | but never 

had I been {under such a fire} [Adv. to "such" as we rode through {on that day}]. |

6. Then came up a broad-faced man, dressed [#6] {in a great gray coat} {with 

great gray capes and great white buttons}, {*in* a gray hat}, and {*in  a blue comforter} 

loosely tied [#7] {round his neck}; | his hair was gray (PA), too; | but he was

jolly-looking fellow (PN), | and the other men made way (DO) {for him}. |

1. "Me" is the subject of the verbal (infinitive) "understand." The infinitive phrase is the direct object of the verbal (gerund) "making," which functions as the object of the preposition "of."
2. The verbal (infinitive) "to draw" functions as an adjective to "weight." The comma after "traveling" leads me to explain the "with" phrases as adjectival to "mile," but I would also accept them as adverbial to "traveling."
3. Alternatively, "than four" can be explained as an ellipsed subordinate clause -- "than four *miles* on a good road *would take out of us*."
4. "Horse" is the direct object of the verbal (gerund) "keeping" which functions as the object of the preposition "about." The following phrase is the same construction.
5. "Himself" is the direct object of the infinitive "to hold." The infinitive phrase functions as an adverb to "was made."
6. The verbal (gerundive) "dressed" modifies "man."
7. The verbal (gerundive) "tied" modifies "comforter."