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Directions for Exercises on Logic

[See Instructional Material]

     In the exercises on logic, you will be given a short passage followed by a table. In the table, one column will include words or phrases from the passage. In the next two columns, you need to indicate the type of logical relationship that exists between the words or phrases and the word or phrase that those words modify. For example:

My mother has a bad case of pneumonia. Aunt Jenny came to visit us for a week because of my mother's illness. She stayed in the guest room. It is the back room on the first floor.
[In the following table, sample answers are in blue italic type.]
# Words Type Question Modifies
1 bad ID What kind? "case"
2 of pneumonia ID What kind? "case"
3 for a week Ex - T How long? "came" or
"to visit"
4 because of my mother's illness C/E Why? "came" or 
"to visit"
5 in the guest room Ex - S Where? "stayed"
6 on the first floor ID-S Which?/Where? "room"

Note that you will be looking for six types of relationships:

ID (not of space or time) Ex - T (Extension in Time)
ID - Space Ex - S (Extension in Space)
ID - Time C/E (Cause / Effect)