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An Exercise in Logic

Instructional Material Directions for Exercises

The Opening Paragraphs of
The Golden Fleece, by Padraic Colum

     A man in the garb of a slave went up the side of that mountain that is all covered with forest, the Mountain Pelion. He carried in his arms a little child.
     When it was full noon the slave came into a clearing of the forest so silent that it seemed empty of all life. He laid the child down on the soft moss, and then, trembling with the fear of what might come before him, he raised a horn to his lips and blew three blasts upon it.
# Words Type Question(s) Modifies
1 in the garb      
2 of a slave      
3 up the side      
4 of that mountain      
5 in his arms      
6 into a clearing      
7 of the forest      
8 of all life      
9 on the soft moss      
10 with the fear      
11 before him      
12 to his lips